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Raphael Angelim

Interactive Media Designer

I am innovate and Bring New Possibilities to Web Design of small and medium companies

My name is Raphael, Digital Designer who produces media for videos, animations, and websites by using visually stimulating graphics. My skills include discussing requirements with clients, presenting creative solutions, collaborating with other members of the creative team, and redesigning briefs to meet time and cost constraints.

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Honors holder of Interactive Media Design Diploma

Hi, My Name Is Raphael Angelim

I Specialize in the Graphic & Web design for small and medium size companies.

I recently graduated from the Interactive Media Design program back in Canada at Algonquin College, located in the capital of Ottawa, Ontario. The spectrum of different streams allowed me to develop a variety of skills from the basics of photography to complex ways to produce and manage a website to best meet clients` needs as well as sales. I am a traveler who loves working remotely, always seeking out for different perspectives, and a source of inspiration. 

I am a highly competent, motivated and enthusiastic individual with experience working as part of a team in a Canadian company. I am well organized and proactive when it comes to providing timely, efficient and accurate administrative support to managers and co-workers. I have great communication skills which allow me to work well with others. 

Schooling Background

Advertising and Marketing

Mauricio de Nassau  




Learned the fundamentals and theories of basic color theory as well as all the types of communications that we make use of.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Red River College



It gave me a vast knowledge of working in groups, and being cooperative. The biggest lesson from this course was how to interact with people and the ability to manage a team in the most friendly, effective and appropriate way. 


Toronto Film School



Most of the experience happened while working on set in a studio – dealing directly with actors, directors, direct assistants and cinematographers. The most important portion of this experience was the whole set up of the scene; where lighting, safety (cables) on set, blocking, audio, slate person, and so on. Everyone comes together as one to translate the ideas from a script.


Louis Riel School Divisison



This school developed my presentation skills as well as the basics of a static website using HTML and CSS with brief hands-on use of bootstrap. Animation with flash was what I learned first, then used those animation skills to build an animated banner for a website


Algonquin College



Algonquin College solidified everything that I previously learned over the years and added some more. I improved my research and troubleshooting skills in order to be able to problem solve most issues that arise. Ability to build from scratch a website, video, animation, or even an infographic piece.

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