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My name is Raphael Angelim, a Digital Designer who produces media for videos, animations, and websites by using visually stimulating graphics.

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About Me

My name is Rafael, Digital Designer who produces websites by using visually stimulating graphics. My duties include discussing requirements with clients, presenting creative solutions, collaborating with other members of the creative team, and redesigning briefs to meet time and cost constraints.

I love the process of studying in-depth about the company and a deep understanding of the purpose of the website.

I thrive on researching and coming up with sketches, thumbnails, wireframes, prototypes, and development. Focus on UX/UI for users to have the best experience while navigating our websites.

Web Development
What I Do


- 01

Provide the whole process from sketching thumbnails to the actual coding process of the website adding proper style as well look and feel clients are seeking. Make sure the website looks appealing – having a proper flow so the user has a great (memorable) experience while surfing the pages. Responsive website so it is displayed across a variety of devices. 

- 02

Provide user-friendly experience – Add functionality to the whole website making sure it’s all linked properly and interactive. Minimizing the frustration of the user. 

- 03

A creative and visual way to communicate, making use of graphics to translate information in a more fun way. Bring meaningful messages behind the imagery displayed in order to get the information across regardless of the viwers level of background knowledge. 

- 04

Analysis and understanding of the target audience in order to optimize and provide a great experience for the USER. Deep understanding of issues and come up with the best possible solutions. 

- 05

Great way to provide images for services or products, as well as for personal preference, whether from the modeling industry for a potential opportunity of casting or engagement/wedding events. 

- 06

Usage of great tools to produce videos that are able to tell stories, give them rhythm as well as great visuals along with an engaging soundtrack to complement the flow and understanding of the piece. 

Project Management

Great understanding of the entire project and based on the final goal, be able to come up with proper budget And present to our client the whole package so unexpected issues along the way can be avoided if not managed. 

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